Areas of specialization

Robotics: single- and multi-agent systems
Formal methods for verification and synthesis of high-dimensional systems
Formal methods for planning under uncertainty (partially observed systems)
Active sensing and optimal estimation
Data-driven inference for cyber-physical systems


Ph.D. Systems Engineering, Boston University, Boston, MA 2011-2015
B.S.,M.S. Systems Science, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 2006-2010

Work and Research experience

Post-doctoral research fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Research focuses on integrating tools from formal methods, such as correct-by-construction synthesis, with advanced non-linear optimal control methods to design controllers for complex systems. Application areas include mobile robotics, bipedal walking, automotives, and agriculture.

Graduate research assistant, Boston University, Boston, MA

Research focused on planning complex missions in which robots operate in partially observed environments that can be sensed via noisy, on-board sensors. Results in this area include synthesizing optimal information-gathering policies and developing a new framework for describing complex tasks in partially observed environments. Other topics include inferring cyber-physical system properties from execution data.

Summer research intern, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA

Worked in the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Integration group on sensor management algorithms.

Research scientist, Numerica, Loveland, CO

Developed, analyzed, and tested via simulation optimal detection, estimation, and data fusion algorithms.

Grants, honors and awards

2011 Dean’s Fellowship, Boston University
2015 Boston University CISE Best Speaker Award (3rd place)



Work with afterschool arts program to inform high school students in Atlanta  about engineering career opportunities.


Engineering Scientific Programming Robotics Communication
Control Systems Python (NumPy,SciPy,NetworkX) Wheeled Robots Proficient in written and spoken Spanish
Optimization Matlab (Simulink) Quadrotors LaTeX/Beamer
Verification C++ Motion Capture PowerPoint
Estimation and Tracking Linux/OSX/Windows ROS




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